Advantages of Silicone Baking Pan Moulds

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Advantages of Silicone Baking Pan Moulds

By admin / Date Sep 30,2022
In terms of safe use, silicone backing molds have good stability, and their softness and resilience are their advantages. In the process of making cakes, the safety of food will not be affected by the material. Its raw materials do not react with any compounds and other materials. Conflict, so it can be in contact with food stably for a long time. Unlike other materials, it is a soft colloid, which can be bent back and forth at will without causing damage to the limbs!
During use, it can be used continuously in a high temperature environment of 260 degrees, and the cake mold can also be directly converted into an ice tray mold, and can also be used continuously in a low temperature environment. It can be easily washed and wiped with detergent, while the hardware material is prone to sticking to the bottom of the mold, and it can be folded and stored to take up less space.
mold release:
The demoulding effect of the cake is a more important part in the baking industry, so the demoulding effect can confirm the appearance and integrity of the product. At present, almost only the silicone cake mold can achieve more than 99% perfect demoulding, and other materials are Butter must be brushed in advance. Some molds with right angles and sharp angles may not be able to come out after brushing oil, and silicone is a soft material, so it can push the bottom out of the mold for easy demoulding.

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