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Ningbo Huixin Plastic Products Co.,Ltd. was established in 2010. The company is professional China Kitchen Fruit & Vegetable Peeler manufacturers and OEM/ODM Kitchen Fruit & Vegetable Peeler Factory. With experienced Kitchen Fruit & Vegetable Peeler process of mould designing,tooling openning, vulcanizing,logo printing,gel hand oil coating,edge refining, packing, our products are highly appreciated from customers all over the world.


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What is Kitchen Fruit & Vegetable Peeler
A kitchen fruit and vegetable peeler is a hand-held kitchen tool used to peel the skin or outer layer off of fruits and vegetables. It typically has a sharp blade that easily removes the skin, leaving behind the edible portion of the produce. There are different types of peelers available, including straight blade peelers, serrated blade peelers, and Y-shaped peelers, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Kitchen Fruit & Vegetable Peeler
There are some advantages of Kitchen Fruit & Vegetable Peeler,such as:
1.Ease of use: Kitchen fruit and vegetable peelers are easy to grip and maneuver, making peeling quick and effortless.
2.Time-saving: Peelers can peel the skin off fruits and vegetables much faster than using a knife.
3.Versatility: Most peelers can be used on a variety of fruits and vegetables, including potatoes, carrots, apples, and more.
4.Precision: Peelers allow you to remove just the skin, preserving more of the edible portion of the fruit or vegetable.
5.Safety: Using a peeler is generally safer than using a knife, reducing the risk of cuts and injuries.
6.Consistency: Peelers help you achieve consistent, even peels every time, which is especially important for recipes that require uniform slices or pieces.

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